About ExploreTunes

ExploreTunes Provides Free Access to the Songs and Videos of over 200,000 Artists

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ExploreTunes® is an innovative new web browser based music player that allows users to enjoy the songs and music videos from over 200,000 recording artists.

ExploreTunes provides access to songs from an ever-growing list of artists, selectable either through a popularity and genre based menu system or by using an artist search field.

ExploreTunes also uses our proprietary patent-pending ExploreMatch™ technology to find and display other artists with similar music to the selected artist, making it very easy for users to explore new worlds of music they are likely to enjoy. ExploreTunes can be used as a standalone music player or as an accessory for iTunes and several other popular media players.

After selecting an artist, ExploreTunes displays a list of the artist's songs, along with the music video of the currently selected song. The user may also choose to listen to live songs and interviews of the artist. Background information for that artist is also displayed, as well as links to current news about the artist.

ExploreTunes operates as a web application accessible from any browser and is also available in a special Bonus Pack version that integrates with the popular iTunes media player. The iTunes version makes it easy for users to access additional songs for artists in their iTunes library in addition to viewing videos, interviews and latest news of those artists.

The ExploreTunes Bonus Pack is also available in special versions for the Windows Media Player and Winamp player.
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