About Our Company

ExploreTunes® is an innovative music search and display tool available from Explore Systems Inc. The founders of Explore Systems also developed the highly successful DFX and iDFX Audio Enhancers, available from FXsound.com. DFX is the world's most popular PC multimedia software accessory with currently over 25 million users world-wide. DFX performs real-time audio enhancement on most PC multimedia players, including the Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Winamp player, and DivX Player. DFX also works with streaming audio including online radio formats, music videos and general interest videos. Click here for more information about DFX →

ExploreTunes is a new product that leverages the combination of smart searching methods and the ExploreTunes song and artist database. The ExploreTunes database has been several years in development and contains detailed information on over 7 million songs and 200,000 artists. ExploreTunes allows users to quickly access and view the song catalog of online streaming music videos from selected artists of their choice, arranged by either popularity or song name.

ExploreTunes also displays live versions of selected songs, artist interviews and the latest news stories relating to the selected artist. A powerful ExploreTunes capability is its patent pending ExploreMatch feature, which provides links to other ExploreTunes pages for artists with similar music styles. ExploreTunes is also available in special versions that integrate directly into the popular iTunes media player, in addition to versions for the Windows Media Player and Winamp player.

The innovative new iDFX product provides audio enhancement for the popular iPod portable players. iDFX re-encodes users existing MP3 files, correcting for the loss of fidelity caused by the original MP3 encoding process. Click here for more information about iDFX →

Here are some market highlights for DFX:

  • Over 25 million downloads of the DFX free lite plug-in version for popular media players.
  • Over 400,000 copies of the DFX Premium version plug-in have been sold world-wide.
  • A Google search of "DFX MP3" shows over 1,000,000 DFX related hits.
  • 4 million active subscribers to the DFX newsletter.

A Brief Company History:

Explore Systems Inc. was founded in 2011 by Paul F. Titchener and Mark R. Kaplan. Explore Systems goal is to develop and market innovative media related products.

April 2011 - ExploreTunes 1.0, an innovative web application for the playback and display of music videos is introduced. ExploreTunes provides playback for music videos from the song catalog of selected artists and its ExploreMatch™ feature makes it easy for users to discover new music that they will enjoy.

October 2009 - iDFX 1.0, the first MP3 Enhancer for the popular iPod portable player is introduced. iDFX uses patent-pending technology to enhance users existing MP3 files, allowing iPod's to provide the rich full sound quality of the original CD recordings.

February 2009 - DFX 9 is released with new features including automatic song preset selection, presets backup and restore, a gadget-style user interface option, 64-bit Windows support, and more.

October 2006 - DFX 8 is released with improved sound enhancement processing including full 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound support, refined user interface, compatibility with Windows Vista, and more.

July 2005 - MP3 Remix 3 is released with improved MP3 remixing engine, more exporting formats, new set of remix presets and sounds, quick pick remixes and more.

August 2004 - DFX 7 is released with better audio enhancement processing, graphics and user controls. New features include the visual audio spectrum analyzer, new processing modes for specific types of audio, a mini-mode user interface, and more.

October 2003 - Power Technology releases an innovative program called MP3 Remix that again targets the consumer audio market. MP3 Remix is the first DJ remix product which lets users easily create a sophisticated pro DJ style remix of any song from MP3 files or CD tracks. Utilizing cutting edge artificial intelligence it automates all of the complex tasks normally performed by a team of skilled musicians, DJs, producers and recording engineers. Even with no musical ability, MP3 Remix allows users to create and record original interpretations of song files using its extensive preset sound library.

1999 - Power Technology releases a new technology called DFX Audio Enhancer which targets the growing market for Internet audio products and services. A significant limitation of Internet based audio systems is that bandwidth limitations require that the audio be data compressed, reducing its quality. DFX contains patent-pending technology that compensates for the compression of Internet-based audio distribution. DFX also compensates for the limitations of PC based multimedia audio playback systems. Internet audio systems using DFX yield much higher perceived audio quality and user satisfaction.

1998 - To facilitate Internet based sales of the Virtual Pack, in 1998 Power Technology developed proprietary PC indentification and copy protection technology known as IP-Safe. IP-Safe allows Power Technology's customers to immediately purchase and utilize the Virtual Pack while not allowing unlicensed operation on other PC's. Power Technology's PC identification method is a purely software based approach that works with any Pentium or Pentium type processor. IP-Safe also avoids the privacy issues associated with Intel Corporations Pentium III serial number based approach. Power Technology is actively seeking companies interested in licensing this technology, and is also pursuing strategic partnerships which can accelerate its application and development (IP-Safe).

1997 - Power Technology introduced the DSP-FX Virtual Pack. The Virtual Pack implemented the highly rated DSP-FX algorithms in a pure software form supporting Microsoft's Direct X format. Power Technology's expertise in implementation of DSP algorithms allowed it to implement the Virtual Pack with extremely high efficiency that for the first time allowed PC's to perform software only real-time professional quality audio processing. The Virtual Pack has since become regarded as the premium real-time audio processing software package available for PC's. Power Technology is actively pursuing applications of its real-time PC based signal processing technologies to additional markets.

The first DSP-FX product consisted of a plug-in card that leveraged both DSP and PC technology to deliver true pro studio quality in a graphical desktop environment (DSP-FX hardware/software). DSP-FX earned the prestigious Most Innovative Product of the Year Award in 1997 from Electronic Musician Magazine, a leading end-user audio publication. Winning that award required out ranking other innovative products from companies such as Yamaha, Sony, Roland and many other major audio companies. Electronic Musician also awarded the product a rating of 5 out of 5 for audio quality. To our knowledge this is the only time that Electronic Musician, highly respected for editorial credibility, has awarded an audio processing system of any type a full 5 audio quality rating. In addition to use in commercial and home recording studios, the DSP-FX hardware/software system is also uniquely suited for specialized multi-channel audio processing applications. A specially customized multi-channel DSP-FX hardware system is currently being used by ABC TV in their HDTV production studio.

1995 - Mark Kaplan, a founding team member of Comdisco Systems, joined Power Technology. Mr. Kaplan brought many years of graphical software design and large software project design, implementation and management expertise to the company. Power Technology then began efforts to design and manufacture professional quality audio processing hardware and software, using the product name DSP-FX.

1992 - Power Technology was formed, and the design and manufacture was started of PC oriented testing equipment for the leading NASCAR, NHRA and Indy Car racing teams, engine builders and automotive high performance manufacturers. The PT-200 and PT-500 valve spring tester and chassis spring tester products that resulted from these efforts are now in use by top racing teams and performance manufacturers (see customer list), and were used on the engines powering championship winning drivers such as Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson and many others.

1984 - Dr. Titchener and a partner founded a technology group that began developing an innovative new software design tool called the Signal Processing WorkSystem (SPW, now marketed under the CoWare name by CoWare, Inc.). The patented SPW tool uses a high level graphic design style to significantly aid the design of complex electronic systems such as digital telecommunication, modems, cellular telephones, cardiac pacemakers and HDTV systems. The groundbreaking SPW tool was brought to the market with Comdisco Systems in 1987. It both pioneered and dominated the market for DSP design tools, with 80% market share and worldwide sales exceeding $300 million to date. Dr. Titchener played a lead role as the company grew to 130 employees, and was the Vice President of Technology when he reduced his status to consulting role with Comdisco in 1992.