Download Free ExploreTunes Bonus Pack

The ExploreTunes Bonus Pack includes a special ExploreTunes version which works directly with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Winamp players. Just launch it, click on a song, and ExploreTunes awesomely shows music videos, live performances, interviews, artist bio, artist news and more.

ExploreTunes Bonus Pack Features:

  • Integrates with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Winamp players
  • Automatically displays the Music Video for your selected song
  • Also displays Live Performances and Artist Interviews
  • Provides access to additional songs for artists in your library
  • Suggests additional artists based on your current song
  • Displays a list of links to the latest news for your current Artist
  • Easy to use. Just select a song from your player and ExploreTunes will do the rest.
  • Totally free to download and use. No kidding.
System requirements:

More details

The ExploreTunes Bonus Pack is a great way to quickly access music videos for songs in your iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp library. The Bonus Pack also gives you access to additional songs for artists in your library, as well as automatically finding new artists whose music you will like.

ExploreTunes software videos image The Bonus Pack includes a special integrated version of ExploreTunes for iTunes player, as well as versions for Windows Media Player and Winamp. These special integrated versions automatically display the music video for any song you select in your player, and also display live performances and video interviews for that artist.

ExploreTunes software Explore button image There is also an Explore button that automatically takes you to the ExploreTunes Artist Page for the currently selected song. This makes it easy to access and playback the additional songs of artists you currently have in your music library. You can also use the ExploreTunes artist matching feature, Similar Artists, to access additional songs from other artists that have similar styles to your selected artist, making it easy to find new music that you will like.